My name is Anila Kanwal, a wife, a mom of two lovely boys,2.5 years and an 8 months old.


I was a high school math and science teacher in my home country five years ago, very passionate and motivated about my profession. Teaching runs in my family and it was also an inspiration for me to choose this profession. When I moved to Canada (SK) five years ago, I realized that it is going to be a process to get a Saskatchewan Teaching Certificate. I could not focus enough towards this goal until now as I had quite a few challenges in my life. Settling at a new place, where you don’t have your loved ones, isn’t just easy. Also, the birth of two kids did not give me enough time to start pursuing this earlier.

Now, I guess it was time for me to start working on the direction where I was before and where I want to be always. I am hoping to complete all required course work by Fall 2017; also planning to do some volunteer work for professional development and to get an insight of teaching practice, SK curriculum, school system and educational technology.

I have always been passionate about teaching. It is no doubt a profession of the big responsibility, the responsibility of not only making students successful in the school but also in their lives after school. Teachers can help to build the society and a good teacher is as important as a good doctor. I think that primary job of a teacher is not to teach but to make sure that the students learn. Students will learn if they are interested and engaged in learning. In my experience, students are more interested in learning if you connect to them, and you connect to them by caring, by knowing, and by realizing them that they are important.