ECS 110

My Mythbuster Minutes

In my Mythbuster video, I tried to debunk the common Canadian idea/myth that beer makes you happy and popular among the friends.

The beer commercials like ‘I am Canadian‘ and ‘Lost Dog  – Budweiser Clydesdale‘ show people having a fun full life with beer and they enjoy with people around them. Beer is portrayed as a Canadian identity and that people are always happy and enjoying their lives by living in Canada. On the other hand, these commercials and advertisements don’t show that beer is also a symbol of ‘class‘ and it favors meritocracy. As Paul Gorski mentioned it as a myth in the article “The Myth of the Culture of Poverty“, “Poor people tend to abuse drugs and alcohol.” But the reality is, it is more prevalent among wealthy people than among poor people.

I tried to debunk this common perception and myth by highlighting following in the video:

  • When people get drunk, they have fights. It affects their mood and emotions. They drink so much and then lose control over their brain.
  • Will these people still be your friends even if you stop drinking with them?
  • There is an issue with addiction with some indigenous people. Communities struggle with addictions and it helps to promote the stereotype of ‘drunken Indian”.
  • The best social (perceived to be the best) act is just for few moments.
  • There are homeless people on streets with bottles – Alcoholism.People are drinking to
  • People are drinking to cover up their problems. They drink to forget, for sometimes, the pain and suffering they are going through. (They are not actually happy from inside.)
  • There is no alcohol in the indigenous people ceremonies. (dry zone)
  • Extra security is required where people are drinking.

At the end of the video, I showed people taking tea and enjoying their moments with others. (It is a denial to this common rebuttal: You are a Tea toddler if you don’t drink alcohol.)

Here is the video, I hope you will enjoy it.


One thought on “My Mythbuster Minutes

  1. Anila,
    This was a wonderful video about a normative narrative which I hadn’t really ever thought about in terms of Canadian identity. Although I grew up in this kind of beer propaganda machine, it’s gone unnoticed, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But I really enjoyed the contrast between social acceptance and alcoholism, especially in relation to stereotypes about indigenous peoples. How can society push and advocate so much for drinking alcohol in order to be socially accepted, and then turn around and condemn those who do? It is true that Canadians mask alcoholism beneath the surface of looking “cool” and being accepted. I enjoy the stark audio/visual contrast within the video when the tone shifts to show the downside of alcohol and the truth behind this myth.
    Thanks for your video Anila!


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