ECS 110

Self-Story # 1: We have everything!

It was a lovely morning of July 27, 2014, when we were blessed with a baby boy. My husband and I had been waiting for this moment from seven years. I did not want the feeling to go away when nurse put the baby on my tummy. Many tears were dropped in that moment. The tears of happiness, joy and excitement. There was a feeling of completion, a sense of having the best present from God. It was such an amazing gift that I have never ever received before. Becoming a parent was one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of my life. Having my baby was such a life-altering experience that changed everything from what I knew. I was always looking for the purpose of my life and I found it with my baby. It isn’t quite possible to sum up the joy of a baby in several words, the following two quotes do a great job in summarizing some of the feelings and thoughts we had for our little one:

“You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete (George Strait)”.  

“First we had each other. Then we had you. Now we have everything! (unknown)”.

We started to feel we had everything but we were still missing something; many more tears were shed, when I realized that my husband and I were the only ones to celebrate this beautiful occasion. We did not have our families around. We were thousands of miles away from our Home and the Family. We were so happy to have this auspicious blessing after a long time and now when we were in that moment, there was no one around us to share this very important moment of life with us. It was also one of our festival celebration that day which is called Eid-ul-Fitar – the day we, as Muslims, celebrate after the Holy Month of Ramadan. People plan dinners and get togethers on this day. They wear new dresses and do special preparations to celebrate the event. But we both were all alone that day in those happy moments and were missing our home badly. Home where our parents, our siblings and our other relatives were. After staying for nearly two years in a new country, we were still finding ourselves home sick that day.

We were imagining how it would have felt to have hugs and kisses from our families on this precious moment. How it would have been celebrated with our loved ones altogether. We started to talk about it just to feel if it was all real. In our talks, we felt ourselves back home and excited to have everyone around. I was having a big hug with my mother and she was saying, “I told you the day would come when you will have your child in your lap. See – it is that day.”, and I thanked God for blessing me with this precious gift. My parents and parents in law were holding my little one and kissing his forehead. They were excited to take us home and were telling about all the arrangements they had made to welcome the baby at the home.

After the feeling of imagination started fading, we had already decided to visit our family back in our home country to truly live this dream.


2 thoughts on “Self-Story # 1: We have everything!

  1. Anila, this was a touching story to read as I can’t wait to have children. I love the quotes you chose for the middle of your piece, they fit well with the moment of your son’s birth and his importance to you and his father. Your vocabulary is interesting, I had to look some of these words up and they really added meaning to the story after I did, auspicious is new to me but I will be using it a lot more! I think your story could have benefitted from a little more detail and a narrower focus on home. That said, my favorite part was the last sentence while you were coming bak to reality and making a plan. I appreciated that you taught us a little bit about your celebration, Eid-ul-Fitar, it sounds like a wonderful time. You also talked about ‘home’ in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Thank you for your story, I really enjoyed it!


  2. Anila, I quite agree with Ivy. Thank you for sharing this special and important life moment with us. The way you reminisce about home is quite touching – “We started to talk about it just to feel if it was all real. In our talks, we felt ourselves back home and excited to have everyone around”… and your imagination of what that might have been like was interesting. I had to read your story a couple of times to realize that this was all in one moment, with your new baby. At first, it wasn’t quite clear that all of these thoughts were part of that intense experience: “I did not want the feeling to go away when nurse put the baby on my tummy. Many tears were dropped in that moment”. A narrower focus, as Ivy suggested, might have helped to clear this up a little. That is, you might have been more detailed about what your family specifically would have been doing on that day of the Eid-ul-Fitar festival, while you were in the hospital. Overall, a good practice story 🙂


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