ECMP 355

My Last Post – PLN and My Contribution to ECMP355

Hi everyone, this is going to be my last post for ECMP355 and please let me say that I learned a lot throughout this course. Even I learned a new tool for the sake of this last post, I learned how to combine multiple images into one image using this online tool. The main purpose of this post is to tell “how I contributed to the learning of others”. I have no doubt in saying that there were a lot of opportunities for me to learn from others during this course. I am quite hopeful that my posts, comments, and tweets were also helpful to others.

I would like to divide my contribution into four main categories;

  • Blogging/posting (weekly posts/learning project, pingbacks)
  • Commenting on other bloggers posts
  • Tweeting
  • Google +

Blogging/Posting and pingback:

I think my weekly posts and learning projects have been a good learning source for others.

Links to some of my posts are given below and to see the complete list please visit my homepage here:

Media Mediate Relations – New culture of participation

Digital Identity

Video Scribe

Learning Project

Following are the screenshots of pingbacks of someof my posts.

Commenting on other bloggers posts:

I am not a big fan of social media and on top of that, I am not even a computer & internet geek or surfer so I may have not been very resourceful/helpful for other bloggers but I definitely encouraged my classmates by commenting on their posts. Please find the screenshots of some of my comments here ECMP355 – Comments Log.


Some of you may not believe that I never had any social media account until I started ecmp 355 and ecmp 455 which had the requirement to be a part of the Twitter. But I can say that it’s been a great experience of using Twitter. I have gone from ‘nothing’ to 121 followers as of today which is a big achievement and shows my commitment to it.

I will keep on using it as a learning and knowledge/resources sharing platform. I have 300 tweets as of today, below are some of my tweets to show my contribution to the learning of others. (Katia, you will have to take a peek at my twitter account to get a complete sense of my contribution)

Google +:

Following are some of my contributions to the Google+ community.


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