ECMP 455 · Learning Project

Summary of My Learning Project

I can’t believe that the semester has come to its end and I am writing about the journey of my learning project. I have learned great ways of doing things in excel. I did not know about most of the functionalities that an excel software provides until I started to dig into it. I learned that these advanced excel functions make calculations of complex formulas easy and it is also a great reporting tool. Different people use excel in many different ways. Excel makes your life so easy if you know how to use it, you can get much more done if you master it.

Thank you very much, Alec, for giving me this learning opportunity which I have been just thinking about and did not prioritize my tasks to get enough time to learn what I wanted to learn.

I would also like to share that timing with learning excel project was extremely perfect. I am saying this because I just applied for a Solutions Analyst job last week and I am going to write a test for the job soon. I am really excited that I have excel in my toolbox now.

Learning online by myself was very new to me. I found this experience quite interesting and challenging at the same time. As mentioned in my blog post, An Idea !!! Learn through MOOCs, it was very difficult to find me a starting point for this learning project. Because there were so many resources online and I did not know which one to choose. I started to follow this MOOC course but then it was not meeting all of my needs. Sometimes the lecture was not clear and/or explained enough, and sometimes it was just hard to focus and learn from the lecture if there was a longer break between listening to the lecture episodes. Therefore, I also had been taking help from different YouTube Videos and other online articles. I found, at least for me, that learning face to face is easier than online. In face to face learning, we ask questions, get answers right away, clear the concept and then move on. But in online learning, we have to wonder around a lot and sometimes we get lost in the ocean and then ended up distracted from the path we were on.

Overall it was a great, valuable and, practical learning experience for me. Following are the links to all of my posts in regards to this learning project.

  1. My Learning Project – MS Excel
  2. Goals Of My Learning Project
  3. An Idea !!! Learn through MOOCs
  4. Introduction to Reporting in Excel
  5. Excel Tables
  6. Excel Tables (Continued)…
  7. Basic Excel Pivot Table
  8. My Excel Journey… (Mid Reflection/Summary)
  9. Working with pivot tables
  10. Grouping in a Pivot Table
  11. Charting in Pivot Tables
  12. Slicers in Excel
  13. Dashboard in Excel

The most important part of learning new tools and/or skill is to keep using it because “you lose it if you don’t use it”. For sure, I don’t want to lose anything that I have gained not just through this learning project but also through ecmp 455 class overall. That’s why I can’t wait to use the skills that I have learned all the way to the end of this course.


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