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Last post (Part 2) & Summary of my Learning Project

After publishing my last post, I realized that it was very lengthy and had too much information in there. I decided to break it apart into two posts to make it easier for the readers; to summarize and add links to all of my learning project posts in Part 2 so the navigation is also easier.

So here I am starting with adding some videos of the plants that I filmed on week 3 (day 21) and week 4 (day 30)

Following is the video that I filmed on the day 30 after seeding. It can be seen in the video that most of the plants are leggy or dying. I am still hoping them to revive once they will go out in open sunlight.

Next plan of action is to take all these plants to my front lawn. I have already started preparing the lawn and making beds. Following are some photos to see the sketch:

Front Lawn
Tiller, Plants & Shovel
Front Lawn – West Side
Plants – Enjoying Sunlight for the first time

It was quite a ride of my project. It took about 6 weeks after seeding my plants to reach to this point. And the journey doesn’t end here because I will plant them all in my front lawn and will continue to take care of them until winter falls again. The

The ecmp355 learning project is ending here but I am positive that my learning journey will continue to grow to it’s fullest extent. I cordially invite all my readers to come visit my little garden in May. Thanks everyone for reading my posts, giving valuable suggestions and appreciating my efforts. I am still open to taking more suggestions and feedbacks as the journey continues. I learned tremendously through this learning project which not only includes learning about gardening and winter sowing but also how to research online and how to use different tools like YouTube, YouTube editor, Light shot, Grammarly, Gif animations, Screencastify etc to create digital contents. It was a great learning project for me which happened to give me a lot of new skills – Thanks, Katia.

In case anyone needs it, please find the links below to all of my learning project posts in chronological order.

This is the Main page of ECMP355 Learning Project where all posts on gardening can be found.

  1.  Winter – Sowing
  2. How to get started
  3. A jump into the wild
  4. The Basics
  5. Not a good start
  6. Preparing the soil
  7. Preparing pots for seeds
  8. Time to sowing
  9. Sowing (continued)
  10. Seeds Germination – 48 hours after sowing
  11. Seeds Germination – One week’s progress after seeding
  12. What an Excitement! Growth in 4 Weeks & Last Post (Part 1)…
  13. Last post (Part 2) & Summary of my Learning Project

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