ECMP 355

While ( ! (succeed = try ( ) ) );

This week in ECMP355 class, we were introduced to some coding sites. It looked easy when Katia was giving us a demo on how to create a project using scratch but when I tried on my own, I just freaked out. I thought Waseem Latif was correct in saying, “Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day. Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.” 

I had to spend hours to understand what am I doing wrong. It was not difficult to create the scripts but I was just not thinking logically. Once, I got to know the logic and the proper sequencing, it was easier to create rest of the steps to complete the project. I think in our daily lives, we are not in the habit of analyzing things logically and sequentially. We do not pay attention to all little details and order of occurrences in any day-to- day process and this is what coding is all about. I also tried a few lessons of HTML and CSS through code academy and it was really interesting. It helped me to find out that in order to be a programmer, we just need to know the syntax of the language and also have an ability to think logically and sequentially.

Following is a little project that I created in scratch. I also spent some time in exploring HTML and CSS that’s why I couldn’t get enough time to expand the scripts by including more functions into it.

My Scratch Project

Why coding is important:

Today, I was driving to the library and listening to an AM radio. I don’t know what radio frequency it was and who was the speaker. But the speaker was telling that we are moving towards automation. Embracing and adapting technology has never been so vibrant as it is becoming now. We need to prepare our students to meet the new challenges of this automated world. Like any other new change or development in the System, automation will also bring some down effects with it. In future, job natures and requirements will change. It will also impact human labor force. We need to train our new generation in a way that they better meet the requirements of this evolving technological World, we need to prepare them in a way that they are a better fit for these new job demands. I think we need to address the fact that, soon enough, there will be a time when demand for technology developers will be more than just technology users.

Coding is a new literacy and I think it should be combined with digital citizenship literacy. One can affect to learn other better and vice versa. Coding and logical thinking is a base of technology. We should introduce this to our kids in the classroom at an earlier stage and in an interesting and engaging way. It might trigger and help them to be a future developer.

There are many games and coding sites online hosted by different organizations that can be used in the classroom to help build logical thinkings and skills in our kids. Our ECMP355 instructor, Katia Hildebrandtgave us a great insight of this aspect in the last class along with some very useful resources. Some of the resources that she shared were code.orgCode Academy, and Scratch etc.

Following is a great YoutTube video which shows different perspectives on why our kids must learn to code.


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