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Seeds Germination – One Week’s Progress after seeding

It’s been more than a week since I seeded my plants. To me time is running, the seeds that I sowed a week ago, most of them, are small cute plants now. I will be showing my plants growth in photos that’s why my this post is going to be more visual than descriptive.

Let’s start one by one;



Cabbage Day 2


Cabbage Day 4


Cabbage Day 6


Cabbage Day 8




Cauliflower Day 4


Cauliflower Day 6


Cauliflower Day 8



My Cilantro seeds didn’t sprout until the 6th day after sowing. As obvious from the photos below, although it started sprouting late but many of them started at the same time.


Cilantro Day 6 (compartment one)


Cilantro Day 8 (compartment one)


Cilantro Day 8 (compartment two)


Mustard, Basil & Flax Seed:

There was no germination in Basil compartment for first few days. A small basil plant can be seen on the 8th day (photo). As per this link, Basil seeds usually sprout between 5-10 days.


Mustard, Basil & Flax Seed Day 2


Mustard, Basil & Flax Seed Day 2 (Aerial View)


Mustard, Basil & Flax Seed Day 4


Flax Seed Day 4


Mustard, Basil & Flax Seed Day 8




Potato Day 6


Potato Day 8




Radish Day 2


Radish Day 6


Radish Day 8



I had to use more than one compartment for tomatoes as I planted many seeds. I wanted to grow more tomatoes so that I could use them in my kitchen in future. If anyone is interested in growing tomatoes this summer or next year, here is a link for some good tips.


Tomato Day 6 (Compartment 1)


Tomato Day 6 (Compartment 2)


Tomato Day 8 (Compartment 2)


Tomato Day 6 (Compartment 3)


Tomato Day 8 (Compartment 3)


Pepper (Jalapeno):

According to this website, Jalapeno seeds take 3-5 weeks. So I am not sure this little plant in the following photo is Jalapeno plant or something else. Time will tell me if it’s pepper or not.


Pepper (Jalapeno) Day 8


I have only shown a progress on about 10 plants for now. I am quite hopeful that my next post will not only show more growth of above-mentioned plants but it will also show some new additions to my little growing garden.

This is quite a big post because I had to use photos to show my plant’s progress in one week. I can say now that I became an experienced user of Windows 10 photo viewer/editor because I edited most of my photos using it.

Here is a video that I made on the 8th day of all seeds/plants compartments/pots showing a kind of video summary. Please ignore the quality of the video and the background noises.



As usual, any suggestions and feedback will be welcomed. Thanks for reading and watching. Stay tuned for next post.


6 thoughts on “Seeds Germination – One Week’s Progress after seeding

    1. Thanks for your precious advice. I know about it but my problem is that this is the brightest spot in my home. And outside it is still frosty conditions. I am hoping to take them out in my garden pretty soon. I really appreciate that you shared me that great blog and i’ll try my best to follow those tips in the blog. Thanks again.


  1. Hi Anila, I am very excited to see the progress of your gardening! It looks like the winter weather is behind us so I feel like your plants are going to grow fast (plus more sunlight)! I’m excited to continue to follow your journey of winter gardening!

    Liked by 1 person

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