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Slicers in Excel

Before listening to the next lecture, I wanted to learn more about ‘Slicers’. It was a new term and concept for me. I did some online research as to what are slicers and why to use them in excel report and I came across this great article ‘Use slicers to filter PivotTable data‘. Through the online research, a summary of my learning about slicers is:

  • Only available from Excel 2010 and forward versions.
  • An advanced form of ‘report filters’ in PivotTable reports.
  • Slicers are easy-to-use filtering components that contain a set of buttons that enable you to quickly filter the data in a PivotTable report, without the need to open drop-down lists to find the items that you want to filter.
  • In addition to quick filtering, slicers also indicate the current filtering state.
  • Slicers can be associated to a PivotTable. they can be a stand-alone entity, and they can also be associated with any other PivotTable at a later time.

How to insert slicer in a pivot table:

After getting some knowledge on slicers and their use, I decided to watch a few YouTube Videos to learn how to insert slicers in the report and how to manipulate the report using slicers. The video that really helped me to better understand this concept was from Contextures Inc which can be viewed below:

Slicers for multiple pivot tables:

Today, I learned through the lecture that slicers created for one pivot table can be connected to any other pivot table as long as both pivot tables share the same source data. The lecture was not enough to have a deep understanding of this concept because it was also targeting some other things at the same time. So, I turned towards YouTube once again and found this perfect video to gain more understanding of slicers and connecting them with different pivot tables.

I think, now I am ready to create a dashboard using pivot tables, pivot charts, and slicers. Time is running short and I am really hoping to create a beautiful dashboard before the end of #learningproject and #ecmp455.

3 thoughts on “Slicers in Excel

  1. Hello! Really interesting blog post! I had never heard of sliders before in regards to Excel. So I learned a lot from your blog post and the videos you posted. Those sliders look so advanced. I’m very impressed right now? I can’t wait to see the beautiful dashboard you create! Do you think you could create an assignment for students to do that involves sliders? Or would you say sliders is a little advanced for students? Wonderful post! I’m excited to see what you do next with Excel!


    1. Hello Carmelle,
      Thank you for taking time and reading my post. I think, by saying ‘sliders’ you actually meant ‘slicers’ (or auto-correction might be on when you typed the comment)
      I think slicers can be introduced at high school level, it is not very complicated but requires an interest for sure. I am hoping to be able to create a dashboard soon, let’s see how it will go.
      Thanks again.


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