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Seeds Germination – 48 hours after sowing

I am relaxed now that I have come to a stage where I only need to water and watch my seeds germinating.

It’s been almost 48 hours since I seeded my vegetables. In this post, I am sharing my progress on my recently seeded plants. I am not a good photographer, I am sorry for that.


I was happy to see that two seeds started germinating in 48 hours. They look very cute. When I compared the germination of my cabbage seeds with this article, I was even happier to know that my cabbage seeds sprout 12-24 hours earlier than mentioned in the aforesaid article. Now I am keen to see how long it will take to fully mature if everything goes well.


Cabbage – Day 2


If I say my mustard seeds won the race of germination, it will not be wrong because you can see in the following photos that about 20 seeds sprout in just 48 hours and again at least 24-48 hours earlier than what most websites and online sources say. I think it might be because of my potting mix and the sunny windows where I placed my seeds. Whatever the reason may be but I am loving it.


Mustard – Day 2 ( Side angle photo)


Mustard – Day 2 (top view photo)


I came across a time lapse video on Mustard seed’s germination which shows that mustard seeds can not only grow in moist soil but also in water.



The above video is showing 5 days long plants, I don’t know how will my mustard plants look in 5 days. I am hoping for the best.


Radish is an edible root vegetable which is mostly eaten raw as a crunchy salad, a detailed info can be found on Wikipedia website, which also tells nutritional value per 100 g.

The radish seed’s germination was not up to my expectations because last summer when my father in law seeded them, they were the first ones to take the lead in germination, growth, and harvest. I don’t know what happened to them now as I can see only 3 seeds sprouting.

I found an interesting mobile app called Radish (don’t get confused with vegetable) when I was browsing the internet for Radish seed’s germination (vegetable). This app actually is designed for a mobile generation which has serialized fiction stories. Although I have not tried it yet but an idea came to my mind that we can also use it in teaching our students who are, for sure, mobile generation. We can recommend our students some good stories related to our class subjects. If anyone tried or will try this app. please share your views in the comments.


Radish – Day 2


These were the only three vegetables that germinated in 48 hours, and for rest of my seeds please wait for my next post with new updates.

Any suggestions and feedbacks, to keep my plants healthy and growing, will be welcomed.


5 thoughts on “Seeds Germination – 48 hours after sowing

  1. I make a compost of egg shells, banana peels, cucumber peels, and other random scraps. When I have enough I process it and add it to the soil. It should give your planet nutrients. I hope that helps!

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  2. Hey! I totally know what it is like to sit and wait for the arrival of your new plants! I am very impatient when it comes to that. One thing that I like to do, is plant them in a way so that I can see exactly when they germinate – helps alleviate some of that anxiety!

    Also, if you are interested in growing plants in water (as illustrated in your video) you may find hydroponics or water culture to be something of your interest. This resource shows a slightly more sophisticated system then necessary, but if you keep the basic principles the same, a much smaller/simpler version should work quite fine!

    Great post!


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