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To Everything There is a Season – Time to Sowing

In the previous post, I prepared the pots with potting mix/soil. Now It’s time to sow them.

Radish & Onion:

In this video, you can see me making compartments using an empty milk jug for the soil pot. Yes, you got it right. I am trying to be economical and, of course, innovative.

When I was searching on the internet to find how to seed Radish, my eye caught this great article about health benefits of taking Radish in the diet.

Farmer’s Almanac has a pretty good and easy to understand information/instructions on gardening. I have used this website many times in my gardening project. If you visit the website you will see it’s an old farmer’s magazine/publication and it was founded in 1792. This is one of the reasons I liked this website.

There are two ways to grow onions – one is for outdoor and the second is for indoor. As I am seeding indoor right now so I followed the indoor method and this article helped me a lot. It would have been a great help and easier to follow if they had videos and/or more photos for a novice gardener like me.


In this video, I am only showing how to seed Cilantro seed and no other herbs. As same procedure can be followed for other herbs i.e. Lettuce and Flax seeds. Although, I have sowed them about a half inch down but it’s not necessary to do so.



Peppers & Tomatoes:


A cousin of mine helped me completing the task of seed sowing for all these herbs and vegetables, it was a lot of work. Thank you, Ali, for your help and time. See you all soon with an update on my garden.

See you all soon with an update on my garden. Stay safe and warm out there!



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