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Preparing pots for seeds

Last week I learned how to make soil or potting mix for potting plants. I came across this article while searching on the internet “how to make a potting soil”

*Don’t fill your pot with soil from your garden — even if your garden has the very best soil on the planet.* Garden soil is too heavy and too “dirty” (you know, replete with weed seeds, bugs, and their eggs, bacteria — stuff that you don’t want in your pots), and it may not drain properly in a pot.

At your local nursery or garden center, buy a packaged, sterilized, soilless potting mix that’s meant for container growing. If you need a large quantity, many nurseries sell potting soil in bulk. You may want to try different brands over time to see which ones are easiest to wet and which ones have the best moisture-holding capacity and drainage. But don’t have a personal crisis over which brand of potting soil you buy; caring for your vegetables properly after you plant is more important than choosing the perfect potting soil.”

Although I already had in my mind that I will buy a potting mix from a market and that’s what I did for my gardening project but after reading this article, I am thinking to continue buying my potting mix from stores every year if I liked to keep on doing my gardening in future. It is expensive as compared to if you make your own but it’s easier and you get the perfect mix at your comfort.

Time to do some shopping; first thing first

I have a toddler in my home who loves to play around and throw things away so I can’t just leave soil pots on any counter. I planned to buy shelves under my budget which will keep my little future plants safe from my naughty boy. And it will also help me to organize my indoor plants, I have some space issues as well, where there is enough and proper sunlight for them.

So – I bought a 5-tier shelf which is about 74″ high, I am going to use top three shelves for my pots. Although it is easy to assemble these shelves or you can also find a video on YouTube but I thought to share how I did it.

Now that I have got a bit safe spot, it’s time to start preparing my soil pots which I’ll use to seed. I didn’t have any idea that how much soil/potting mix is needed for which size of a pot. I was searching on google and I came across this link which was pretty handy along with the information I got from my father in law and nephew. I didn’t buy pots that are specially made for potting mix/soil, I used drawer organizers as per my space limitations. (these plants are eventually going outside as soon as weather changes)

Please ignore the immaturity of videos, I never filmed before for any audience. I also learned how to edit/trim video using YouTube editor.


Yes, this is my little boy who was rocking & watching his mom filling pots, then he really got bored and fell asleep.

Now I am little relaxed that hard part is done, the interesting part will follow in next posts which will be seeding these pots.



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