ECMP 355 · Learning Project

Preparing the soil for future vegetables

Preparing the soil to sow and grow vegetables is a very important part in gardening. This has been a tiresome and interesting project. Every step poses new challenges and new learning. So, this post will discuss all the process about preparing soil for future vegetables. I went through lot of research on internet i.e. YouTube, Google.


I learned long ago that it’s much cheaper to make my own potting mix and store it in an old trash can, rather than paying for big sacks of potting mix. I can customize the mix for various plants.

Following video will help me prepare the potting soil for my garden:

Making raised-bed vegetable garden is another way of soil preparation.

I learnt about potting soil for my knowledge but I think I will have to buy pre-mixed potting soil as I will not have enough time to make my own.

I hope to come back soon with my new post. Stay tuned !


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