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Not a good start

I was pretty excited that finally I am going to start sowing some of the seeds and would be seeing my lush green garden in few days but sometimes plans do not work the way we anticipate… Here is how:

WheatGrass from Wheat:

I started off with my wheat seeds, thinking would be easy choice to grow, following are the steps that I followed:


I got handful of wheat seeds in to a bowl. Rinsed them couple of times with tap water on DAY 1 and DAY 2.



On 3rd day, after rinsing the seeds, I transferred them on a flat plate and covered it with wet cloth. Few of the seeds started sprouting on Day 4 and I rinsed the seeds once again.

Next day when I saw some of the seeds were covered with something greenish that I came to know is a fungus. I was really shocked because I did not anticipate it. I had seen a few YouTube videos on how to grow wheatgrass at home and I thought my results would not be any different than them.

I was so depressed that I dumped my whole plate in the garbage and totally forgot to take a photo to share here for others to see how awful it looked.

Later on my father in law and some friends told that humidity in my home might have caused the fungus. I have no clue right now as how to control the humidity but I am definitely going to try it again. If anyone has any idea what went wrong and how can I avoid it next time please let me know. I will be grateful.


My next try was an onion. I started with an onion bulb that I took from my grocery cabinet.


Took an onion bulb which had a very tiny stem growing. I put it in a cup of water in a way that only it’s roots were dipped in water. and this is what I got.

DAY – 1


 DAY - 3
DAY – 3


DAY - 7
DAY – 7


DAY - 13
DAY – 13

Before I forget, I want to tell that I used to change water every other day. I plan to have an onion ready to sow outside once the snow will melt.

After seeing my onion growth, I am excited that at least something went as expected.

That’s it for now. I will come with more updates next time.


6 thoughts on “Not a good start

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your wheat grass!! Humidity can be a killer–have you thought about getting a dehumidifier? That might be the easiest way to control humidity.
    I’m impressed by your onion starting! It’s good to see that even if one project isn’t going quite as planned that others are still doing well. Keep going!


  2. In my first year of education, I was placed in a Kindergarten classroom. Her and the students also grew a garden inside. I think that this could easily be a part of a classroom, especially with younger grades. It would have many connections to the science curriculum. Such a neat experience for students! I am curious, what made you decided to do this for your learning project? Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hey, that looks like you’re making some progress. Super cool! As for the humidity, you can buy a dehumidifier. You can buy cheaper ones meant to only affect the room it is sitting in, which I think would be perfect for you. Not sure how much they are, but if you’re willing to spend a little bit of money then it might be worth it. 🙂


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