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An Idea !!! Learn through MOOCs

After doing an extensive search on internet and YouTube as to what to learn and how to learn, I came across a new training platform of directed online learning which is organized, mostly self-paced, free of cost and blended with technology, it is called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses. It was very exciting for me to see how MOOCs is playing an important role in delivering, engaging and interesting learning experience. It is a flexible and affordable way to learn new skills. An article by “e-Learning INDUSTRY” outlines 7 Things Training Professionals Can Learn From MOOCs with ease and effectiveness.

Learning through MOOCs will not only help me learning Excel but it will also widen my prospectus of getting to know more about MOOCs, and how it can be beneficial in my teaching practice. I started to search excel courses through this learning platform, and learning outcomes of the courses that match with my learning objectives, and I was able to find following two courses which were the best fit.

Course 1: Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Learning outcomes:

  • Create flexible data aggregations using pivot tables
  • Represent data visually using pivot charts
  • Calculate margins and other common ratios using calculation on pivot table
  • Filter data using slicers in multiple pivot tables
  • Create aggregate reports using formula based techniques

Course 2: Analyzing and Visualizing data with Excel

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gather and transform data from multiple sources
  • Discover and combine data in mashups
  • Learn about data model creation
  • Explore, analyze, and visualize data

First course is more of an introductory course and requires four weeks to complete. It is a prerequisite course leading to course 2, which is an advanced level, for Data Analysis. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my excel skills are rusty now so I think its worth taking the introductory course first. During these courses, I will also consult other online and offline resources to help clear and have better understanding of any idea if/when required.


3 thoughts on “An Idea !!! Learn through MOOCs

  1. I have never heard of MOOCs before! What a cool resource you’ve found. The article was interesting and very informative of all the different ways MOOC can be beneficial. I’m so glad that you’ve found a great resource for your Learning Project. I think those courses will help you learn some very valuable skills for Excel! Good luck with the first course, I hope it goes well!


  2. Wow, you really found an intensive way to learn about Excel! I have a special bond with Excel, I worked with it a lot at my old job and it was excellent (if I was more inclined, I’d have made that a pun). I am interested to hear about any neat tricks you learn about, especially if it is related to representing data. Good luck on the lessons, I hope they teach you what you’re looking for!


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