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Google Classroom – Snow days will be a vacation become a part of the past.

Look at the title of my post today! Doesn’t it match exactly what it is outside now a days? All of us know how it feels like when temperature drops from +6 degrees to -20 degrees all of a sudden, no one would want to go outside and even to school. It won’t be a bad idea to use Google Classroom because then we can learn and teach from anywhere, environmental changes doesn’t affect.

I have not used any Learning Management System before in my teaching practices. So, I really have to dig into some of the systems to decide which one I like the best. During my research, Google Classroom was the one that I found more appealing to me than others. The reasons why I am more inclined towards Google Classroom is because its a blended learning platform of online digital media with old classroom techniques. Also, I am a google user and I love the ease of accessing all Google products from any device and anywhere; trying Google Classroom won’t be any different than using other Google applications.

Photo Credit: Barrett Web Coordinator Flickr via Compfight cc

Following are some of my likes and dislikes for this Learning Management System.


  • It helps to promote to “Go Green” by creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way.
  • Google classroom is accessible from any device and anywhere for both teachers and students. Students can use their devices to makeup the class, if they missed it for some reason.
  • Individual assignments can be organized in a stream, like a file organizer, and pin the assignments that are a priority to the top of this stream. Students will always have their assignments and no more excuses of forgetting/losing them.
  • Better class communications between teacher, student and parents.
  • Real time feedback by popping into their work and see their progress.
  • Easy and flexible delivery of teaching resources.
  • It can be synchronized with calendar, so provides ability to better mange upcoming projects.
  • Instead of asking students to type in long URLs, we can hyperlink websites right into their document.


  • We can’t add people outside of domain.
  • We can’t have multiple teachers.
  • No grade books
  • No separate portal for parents
  • Only allows to upload a single document but not the folder

I will definitely use Google Classroom in my future classes. Creating classroom, adding students, assigning assignments, grading, thus almost every possible traditional classroom activities can be performed easily and efficiently using Google Classroom. Following video shows how can we manage to have “more time for teaching” and “more time for learning” using Google Classroom.

Alice Keeler  writes a very good list of things to do in classrooms using Google Classroom. I am looking forward to incorporate them in my future class as many as possible.


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