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Goals Of My Learning Project

“Be passionate and bold. Always keep learning. You stop doing useful things if you don’t learn.” – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.

Satya describes very beautifully, “You stop doing useful things if you don’t learn.” A person can make the life adventurous by continuous learning and then applying it by doing useful things. In today’s modern age, technology has changed the style of learning and teaching a lot. If we want to learn something new, we just need a passion for it. Technology has made it ever easy and accessible that everyone can learn anything and at anytime.

As mentioned in my first post, I was planning to learn Excel from “Data Analysis” perspective from a long time and I also had passion about it, but I was not able to get enough time for it. I am very grateful to my instructor of ECMP455 that he gave a choice of doing a learning project and hence made it possible for me to finally work practically in achieving my target.

I have a very little knowledge of using Excel from an introductory course which I was taught in my university a long ago, in 2004. If I remember correctly, it was Microsoft Office 2003 suite at that time. So, whatever I have learned before has either gone obsolete or it has been buried under the dirt for so long. My goal is not just to learn but learn for professional development and then be able to use it professionally, efficiently and proficiently in either role of a data analyst or in teaching. It might not be realistic goal to set for the sake of this learning project but it will give me an idea how to road map my learning and in which direction to move. If the project is finished before me achieving my target, I would know what outcomes are still left there to meet.


Photo Credit: HowardLake Flickr via Compfight cc

My goal is set, now I need to know how I am going to learn. There are tons of resources and channels out there and I need to dive into that ocean to find what is the best as per my goal, learning style, and ease. I hope I will be able to make myself a “to learn list” and start exploring it soon. Please support me by giving your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.

Take care out there !



6 thoughts on “Goals Of My Learning Project

  1. I think you picked a very practical skill to learn for your Learning Project, Anila! Knowing how to work Excel is becoming an increasingly useful skill to have — I know a lot of careers nowadays require you to be proficient in Excel, and even some of the university science classes that I have taken required me to use Excel to analyze and graph data from a lab.

    This link might be of some help to you: The website offer free online practice tests for Microsoft Excel which you can use to track your learning progress and figure out what skills you need more practice with. Do you know where you’re going to start with your Learning Project — what skills you want to learn first?

    I look forward to following your progress. Good luck, Anila!


  2. I think this is a very good project to take on for the ECMP455 learning project! It is a very useful skill, and not just for a career in Education. I also think it’s great that you want to further your professional development through this project opportunity, I am doing the same learning ASL this time around. Hopefully you can use some of the skills you learned way back when to help you as you learn now, and good luck!


  3. Anila, I am looking forward to following your learning project! I feel like this is a great skill to have. My mom is an accountant, so she is a master at excel but I have always been a beginner. It seems like there are so many ways to use the program! I really enjoyed your quote at the beginning!


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