ECMP 355 · Learning Project

Winter – Sowing

 Does it sound funny – “Winter – Sowing”… To me, it sure does !

It might not sound funny to most of you because we see winter here in Saskatchewan for more than six months and we hardly have a long spring in a year. I have also heard of people saying that we have only two seasons in Saskatchewan, 1- Winter and… yes, you are right, 2- construction. Whereas, I used to see four seasons a year round in my home country and there were lots of variety of crops for different seasons. I never thought of gardening or growing anything before in my home yards until 2016.

My father in law visited us last summer to see his new born grand child. He had nothing to do here to keep himself busy so he decided to work on my yards as he had quite a bit of farming experience. It was not a long ago when we bought this house and front and back yards were not very well taken care of. He started to work on making plant beds, buying seeds, sowing, watering, watching, caring, and my yards turned into a little farm land than just a normal yard. It was really exciting to see seeds sprouting and then to a fully grown plants with vegetables on them. But then, all of a sudden winter started and some of his young plants started to die. I literally saw him sad for many days which showed his emotional attachment with the garden. Having seen him so passionate, it triggered a touching feeling in me to start gardening.


He landed in May and, for sure, it was late for most of the crops to start at that point in Saskatchewan. So, I already had in my mind to start earlier this year but there was not enough motivation to put this project on a priority basis until I had to start working on a learning project for ECMP355. Despite a learning project, it will come with some other benefits like fresh and organic vegetables, less burden on grocery budget and a good healthy hobby for me.

I have no idea of seeding or growing anything myself at this point. I am planning to start with whats, hows, whens of “Winter-Sowing”  and then to go from there. I’ll take initiative from whatever resonates with me the most according to my timing, liking, and feasibility.


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