Learning Project

My Learning Project – MS Excel

My learning project for this course is going to be “MS Excel”. First of all, I must say that learning Excel will not only be a main project for this course but it will also help me in my current job and in future opportunities where I am interested. I have been thinking to polish my skills of using excel from a long time but there was simply no motive to give it a priority over other stuff.

There are quite a few reasons of choosing excel as my learning project and Donn Lee describes them in a great way in his blog post. Except all the good reasons that he talked about in his blogs, I am more into learning excel because I think it will be a great tool to use in classroom for data analysis, administrative work and to keep track of students’ performances, so the more I know the more beneficial it will be for me. Being a math major, I also see a connection in learning and using MS Excel.

Photo Credit: barbourians Flickr via Compfight cc

My plan is to start with some basics of the software to brush up my previous knowledge and then progress towards some advance level concepts. I am thinking to create a Glossary/Learning objective list first and then cover these objectives on weekly basis. This approach will keep me on track with proper learning and documenting my project.


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