ECMP 455

Me & My Goals

My name is Anila Kanwal, I am mathematics major and physics minor. I was a teacher back home but now I am to take few courses to get a Sasketchwan Teaching Certificate. I have two little lovely boys and I also have a full time job. I have been planning to get myself started towards getting a teaching certificate but there was always something in my life to deal with on priority basis.

Currently, I am working as a “Computer operator”, I have some computer education, but I always miss my dream job “teaching”. With start of new year 2017, I made a plan of starting the coursework that I need, and finish it by the end of summer 2017. It could be just too much of burden altogether and could also be challenging but I will try my best to get through it successfully.


Photo Credit: A.K. Photography Flickr via Compfight cc

When I was selecting my courses with the student advisor at Education department, she told me about ECMP 355, it sounded very interesting. I noticed that there was another course, ECMP 455, which was advanced course of the former one. I thought why should I not try both at the same time (if allowed by university), it will be interesting to apply knowledge of one course to other. So, here i am taking both classes at the same time.

My first goal is to learn about technology in the classroom, how it benefits teaching as well as learning of students. I never thought of using technology in my class before (I am old school); I am going to learn a different angle of teaching and learning. I am curious to know how technology helps a teacher on day to day basis, from making a lesson plan to getting the desired outcome by making sure students’ success.

I am not a social media person and blogging is just not my kind of thing, it is something out of my comfort zone. I literally used to hate Facebook and believed on making real world friends’ community and learning resources.  Through this course, my second goal is to be a part of virtual/digital world in an effective way and to get benefit from it down the road. I have created a twitter account two weeks ago when I started this course.

My third goal is to learn how to search for the best resources and information online and to take advantage from it, for my own learning and teaching, in the best possible way. I think learning project will give me an opportunity to achieve this goal.


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