ECMP 355

My first blog post for ECMP 355

My name is Anila Kanwal and it is my first blog post ever in my life. I have always been reluctant to go on social media and be there for posting, tweeting or liking others’ stuff. It is just not my kind of thing, or may be I am old school. When I came to know about courses related to educational technology, it sounded interesting. I thought, why should not I explore this as well while on my journey of discovering teaching in Canada. So, here I am. Working outside of my comfort zone won’t be easy but hope to get to the end eventually and wishing for a happy ending with lots of new learning and experiences which will help me out in making a teaching career in Saskatchewan.


Photo Credit: EpicFireworks Flickr via Compfight cc

I created a twitter account as a requirement of this course and hoping to use it as a professional development tool and resource for learning. Follow me on Twitter



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